worst hotels in las vegas

Worst Hotels In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the “Entertainment Capital of the World” because of all the glitzy, expensive hotels that line the famous Las Vegas Strip. There are a lot of hotels in this busy city that are known for giving less-than-stellar experiences, but there are also a lot of hotels that are known for being world-class.

In this look at the darker side of hospitality in Sin City, we take a look at the worst hotels in Las Vegas, shining a light on some of the less desirable things that can sometimes overshadow the city’s shiny image. From bad service to questionable amenities, these places are a warning that, despite the grandeur of the city, not every stay will be a memorable one. So, let’s talk about The Worst Hotels In Las Vegas.

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Worst Hotel in Las Vegas

Ten Worst Hotels In Las Vegas

  • Siegel Suites (Tropicana)
Siegel Suites

We are all aware that, despite Las Vegas’s reputation for flash and glamor, Las Vegas still has the worst hotels and a seedy-looking aspect to it. On the other hand, this does not imply that we necessarily want to confront it head-on. You will receive exactly that at the Siegel Suites Tropicana.

One of the reviewers cautions that this location is not a place where people stay; rather, it is where people live. Prepare yourself for ‘drugs and prostitution’ as well as other ‘criminal’ behavior, to which the ‘Las Vegas Metropolitan Police often reacts’. It sounds like the rooms themselves are filthy! with broken furniture, no air conditioning, and ‘bed bugs outnumbered only by the roaches’ according to one reviewer.

  • Diamond Resorts Intl
Diamond Resorts Intl

The name of this establishment may give the impression that it is a high-class establishment, but in reality, it is everything but.

A time-share that has a very sinister undertone. The folks who run this establishment have been called liars, thieves, and criminals in a number of the reviews that have been written about it.

One unsatisfactory reviewer relates the story of how he and his spouse were ‘kept prisoner by a forceful, dishonest’ member of the team. This is not the kind of thing you want coming in the way of your valuable time spent gambling at the casino.

Avoid, avoid, and avoid again unless you are interested in being manipulated by false people who “will smile and lie in your face, steal your money, and throw you every loop to manipulate you.” Staying in Las Vegas would add unnecessary stress to your trip, so avoid going there.

  • Flamingo Hotel & Casino
Flamingo Hotel & Casino

The lengthy wait times for anything at this hotel are consistently one of the most frustrating aspects of our stay here. One visitor reported having to wait forty minutes to check in, which may seem like a long time, but another guest reported having to wait three hours! However, this story truly surpasses them all.

They neglected to inform this unhappy reviewer that a flooding problem had occurred in the room next door, so when they got up, they were greeted by a “foul smell,” “toilet water everywhere, urine and feces included,” and “toilet water everywhere.”

Even worse, as they were checking out that day, their bag, which was full of their clothes, was sitting on the floor. As a result, all of their garments were soaked with “unsanitary water.”

The thought of having someone else’s feces all over my floor and clothing is so revolting that it makes me want to throw up.

Putting the leaks aside, the lack of hygiene is very disappointing. It is a hotel that we should make every effort to avoid since there were “stains on the floor and the sheets even the hairdryer.”

  • Excalibur Hotel & Casino
Excalibur Hotel & Casino

It would be helpful for this hotel, which is based on the legend of King Arthur and the Holy Grail if they made the cleanliness of the rooms their primary mission.

It would appear from the testimonials that the building’s outside is nothing short of breathtaking. After all, who wouldn’t want to spend the night in a castle? Once you enter the building, though, they are unable to maintain the same level of excitement.

The most prevalent complaint is about how filthy and unpleasant everything is, as well as about how the “staff needs to work on better guest service.”

Even if you make a reservation, there is no assurance that you will be given a room. I’d look at that as a gift concealed under disguise! It is best to avoid this one because of all the hidden costs and windows that are so unclean that you cannot see outside.

  • On The Vegas Boulevard Hotel
On The Vegas Boulevard Hotel

The On the Vegas Boulevard Hotel Is the name “On the Vegas” a play on the phrase “on the money”? That’s an odd name, and I don’t think the years have made it any better.

Some people are turned off by the 24-hour porn shop that is located across the street, but even if that is your thing, I suppose leaving the next day with ’15 bed bug bites on your arm and back’ definitely isn’t appealing to you. Is it the reason why they are so hungry: nobody goes there? In either case, that is extremely revolting.

The reviewer’s recommendation that you “stay in your rental car or out in the desert. It will be much nicer” is one with which I find myself leaning toward agreement.

And how they treat elderly people who have mobility issues is shameful. One unfortunate couple’s attempts to bring their electric scooters into the room reserved for people with disabilities were unsuccessful, and the hotel did not provide a refund for their inconvenience.

  • Circus Circus Hotel & Casino
Circus Circus Hotel & Casino

This may include spoilers, but think of it more as a friendly warning: there will be clowns! A good number of you are afraid of clowns, and if that describes you, you should avoid this place.

If you’re trying to get a nice night’s sleep at the hotel, you might want to go elsewhere because there’s a huge clown face smiling at you as soon as you walk in the front door of the reception area.

However, even if you have a soft spot in your heart for clowns, you may find yourself suffering from allergies as you make your way home due to the poor air quality and the pungent smell of tobacco and cigarettes.

The entire location has an air of extreme antiquity, right down to the linen that “was not changed from the previous guests.”

This is probably not the ideal option for you unless you’re trying to come up with ideas for a horror movie set in the 1970s. One of the reviews for a competing hotel mocks the proprietors’ attempts to appear upscale by stating, in a condescending tone, “Umm check yourself, you are next to Circus Circus.”

  • Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower
Stratosphere Hotel, Casino & Tower

This may include spoilers, but think of it more as a friendly warning: there will be clowns! A good number of you are afraid of clowns, and if that describes you, you should avoid this place.

Although the Stratosphere Tower is an instantly recognizable feature of the Las Vegas skyline, can the hotel live up to the legacy of its namesake?

The reviews that we have read lead us to believe that this is not the case.

It would appear that the most significant issue is the fact that the check-in process can take up to forty minutes. and this is before anyone even comes to the desk to talk to you about your issue.

After that, even if you have a reservation, there is a chance that you won’t have a room. The management informed one of the guests that “no one’s room is guaranteed because they don’t check to make sure that they’re available even if you reserve them,” and this statement was communicated to the passenger.

According to the opinion of one former patron, the situation is hopeless, and they wonder, “Why bother?” He continues by saying “The motel is filthy, gloomy, and uninviting, I get the feeling that the end is drawing nigh. That is some pretty wild prophecy stuff shall we keep an eye on this space?

  • Tropicana Las Vegas
Tropicana Las Vegas

Although Tropicana maintains fairly good review grades on most online review sites, it’s interesting to see that it has a relatively high number of terrible and poor reviews compared to the positive ones.

Looking at some of the worst ones, some visitors refer to their stays at the Tropicana as a “Nightmare in Las Vegas”. Some of the most common issues many visitors have had with the Tropicana are dirty floors in elevators, hallways, and even their rooms.

Many users were also disappointed that a hotel carrying the Hilton brand can have heating issues, no hot water, and even broken equipment in the bathrooms.

  • Luxor

This may include spoilers, but think of it more as a friendly warning, there will be clowns! A good number of you are afraid of clowns, and if that describes you, you should avoid this place.

Despite being named after the gorgeous Egyptian metropolis, it is nothing like the picture that comes to mind when one thinks of beauty and history.

One could even make the case that it is on its way to becoming a historical relic in its own right. In temperatures that reach 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the lack of air conditioning and the provision of a fan make it feel decidedly dated.

This establishment doesn’t have much going for it, what with the “unconcerned” front desk staff, the rooms that have “used towels thrown all over the floor,” and the fact that there is “no hot water.” It’s been called a “fleabag hotel at Disney resort prices,” according to one reviewer. Not to mention the occurrences of the supernatural.

  • Palms Casino Resort
Palms Casino Resort

This may include spoilers, but think of it more as a friendly warning: there will be clowns! A good number of you are afraid of clowns, and if that describes you, you should avoid this place.

Never, ever, ever judge a book by its cover, regardless of how much of a paradise this place may seem on the surface, we all learned long ago not to do so. In this instance, you may judge a hotel by its name.

One critic went as far as to call this establishment ‘The worst hotel in Las Vegas’ due to the consistently poor quality of the service it provides. They make a bold assertion, but I’m not the only one who will be walking away with a sour taste in my mouth.

It would appear that there is a “total incompetence of the people in charge” in the situation where there is a lack of communication across departments.

One reviewer states that they will not receive any stars from him due to the restrictive policies about food and drink in the rooms as well as the absence of refrigerators.

According to the sheer number of dissatisfied customers that we discovered online, we have compiled an exhaustive list of hotels that should be avoided at all costs. Here it is for your perusal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really bad hotels in Las Vegas, known for its luxurious image?

Yes, despite Las Vegas’ reputation for luxury, there are hotels that have received negative feedback due to subpar conditions, poor service, and outdated facilities.

What factors contribute to a hotel being considered one of the worst in Las Vegas?

Factors include unclean rooms, uncomfortable bedding, rude staff, inadequate amenities, outdated decor, and overall disappointing guest experiences.

How can I identify potentially bad hotels before booking a stay?

Reading reviews on multiple platforms, looking for recurring complaints, and examining recent photos from guests can provide insights into the hotel’s condition.

Can a hotel’s bad reputation stem from isolated incidents or is it usually widespread?

While isolated incidents can happen, widespread negative reviews and consistent complaints suggest more systemic issues.

Are poorly rated hotels typically more affordable than higher-rated ones?

Not necessarily. Some poorly rated hotels might still charge high prices due to their location or other factors.

Is it possible for a hotel’s reputation to improve over time?

Yes, hotels with bad reputations can make efforts to enhance their facilities, services, and overall guest experience, leading to a better reputation.

Do all poorly rated hotels exit off the Strip or are there any within the main tourist areas?

Poorly rated hotels can be found both on and off the Strip. Location alone is not a guarantee of a positive experience.

Can a bad hotel experience be subjective or is it generally indicative of real issues?

While personal preferences can differ, consistent complaints about cleanliness, service, and amenities are usually indicative of legitimate concerns.

What steps can I take to minimize the risk of booking a bad hotel in Las Vegas?

Thoroughly research your options, read recent reviews, consider reaching out to the hotel with questions, and choose accommodations based on your priorities.

Can a negative hotel experience ruin my entire Las Vegas trip?

While a disappointing hotel stay can affect your mood, remember that Las Vegas offers a wide array of attractions, shows, dining, and entertainment to salvage your trip.