Best Roulette Strategies

Best Roulette Strategies That Work In 2024

Even though it has been around for more than 300 years, the game of roulette still manages to shock with its wealth of history. Countless books, websites, and data out there aim to identify the best roulette strategy and provide a comprehensive game overview for players who need a backup plan. Ultimately, they all conclude that there are no winning roulette strategies

However, extensive research and practical experience playing roulette have proven that despite being able to equal the casino’s advantage in the short to medium term, the house edge will always ultimately prove too significant. Even while luck will eventually decide how much you win at roulette, that is no reason to abandon a technique that has shown some success. Read this tutorial before playing roulette for real money at an online casino.

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Ways To Win Money At The Casino With Just $20

The Best Roulette Strategies

Players and mathematicians have collaborated to devise systems that increase their odds of winning at roulette. Numerous betting systems have emerged, most of which merely reframe established norms; nonetheless, most of these systems’ intended effects on the roulette game need to be revised or counterproductive. 

roulette strategy

Because of this, numerous roulette betting strategies have developed over the years and become consistent and reliable. You can pick from not one but six of these systems today. Currently, we have confidence in the following systems:

  • Martingale
  • D’Alembert
  • Fibonacci
  • Parlay Roulette Strategy
  • Double Street Quad

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

This is the most straightforward and widely used betting strategy for even money casino games, but it is of limited use for fun with random rewards such as slots. You’ll have to limit your wagers to the outside options, such as odd/even, red/black, or low/high.

The Martingale system requires players to increase their wagers by a factor of two whenever they experience a loss at roulette. When you win, you put back the exact amount you bet. The minimum bet is your initial wager, which you should choose carefully.

The Martingale system is best learned through experience at the roulette table. Take a $2 bet on black for the first spin, for example. If we’re successful, we’ll collect $4 (our original bet plus our profit of $2). If we take a hit, we’ll up our wager to $4. If we go down again, the next round’s bet will be $8. If our luck runs out again, we’ll keep playing and raise our wager to $16.

If we win, we’ll get $32, enough to pay off our initial bet of $30 ($2 + $4 + $8 + 16 = $30), plus a $2 profit for $32. After a win, the betting system is cleared, and we begin with a $2 wager.

We advise a substantial bankroll if you want to make Martingale your winning roulette approach. The first wager should represent 2%-4% of the overall budget for the session. As a result, you won’t find yourself in a position where you can’t afford to double down after a losing streak—every casino game benefits from having a predetermined maximum wager.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The D’Alembert betting system, a more complex approach to roulette, is up next. However, unlike the Martingale strategy, this one is limited to even-money wagers. You shouldn’t make a straight wager if you want to win at roulette using the D’Alembert strategy.

The first step in betting is determining the size of a betting unit, which should be proportional to your bankroll. For D’Alembert roulette, the optimal bet is one unit or 1% of the bankroll. Then, you place a bet of five departments and adjust it up or down by one team, depending on your results. Even if you win several hands in a row, you must still wager a minimum of one unit.

With a $100 bankroll and a unit of $1, the initial wager would be $5. If we do well, the next chance will be $4. Then, if we lose again, we’ll wager $5, and if we lose twice more, we’ll bet $6. Here is an example:

Round 1 – Bet 1 – Win 

Round 2 – Bet 1 – Lose 

Round 3 – Bet 2 – Lose 

Round 4 – Bet 3 – Lose

Round 5 – Bet 4 – Win

Round 6 – Bet 3 – Lose

Round 7 – Bet 4 – Lose

Round 8 – Bet 5 – Win

Round 9 – Bet 4 – Win

The D’Alembert technique is preferable to the Martingale strategy in roulette since it does not penalize players as severely for consecutive losses. Since we are doubling our money each time, we can afford to lose a few times and still come out ahead in the long run. Because of this, you can play for longer, which is suitable for your bankroll and your long-term success at roulette.


The Fibonacci numbers are a naturally occurring mathematical series. This roulette method is similar to the well-known Martingale system in that it follows a predetermined sequence of numbers in the event of a loss. What it looks like is as follows:


At first glance, the strategy looks riskier than Martingale, but here’s the twist: it’s not. If you want to play roulette safely, Fibonacci is the technique you should use. 

Parlay Roulette Strategy

Casino goers wary of taking huge risks often use the parlay betting technique. This technique’s goal, also known as the parole betting system, is to capitalize on recent wins. In contrast to the Martingale approach, which calls for doubling your stake after each loss, the parlay strategy calls for starting over after a victory.

Adding a profit target makes for a more conservative and optimal roulette strategy. After four consecutive wins, you should probably cease doubling your stake. When adopting the reverse Martingale technique, you should maintain the same bet size until you experience a loss. You can adjust the win limit to suit your preferences as you gain expertise and learn to use the parlay technique to beat roulette.

Join FanDuel and test the parlay roulette method whenever you like, with real-time play, human dealers, and a little house edge.

Double Street Quad

double streeet quad roulette strategy

This roulette betting system differs from the others we’ve discussed because it is not progressive. The Double Street Quad method focuses on what to gamble on rather than how to wager. As the name says, two double street bets, one corner bet, and an additional straight bet are required for this strategy. Your chance should include 17 unique numbers, but they should be distinct.

Since a double street covers six numbers, a corner is on four numbers, and a straight bet is on one, the payouts will vary depending on which split bet is successful. The Double Street Quad stands out because it has the potential for both little winnings to keep the action going and a large payout if that single straight bet wins.

Selecting The Best Roulette Game

Roulette House Edge

In roulette, the house advantage is the projected value gained by the casino from each wager. The minor disparity between the odds of winning and the payoff on a bet provides this.

Even money bets, which pay 1:1 while having a lower than 50% chance of winning, are a good example. There are 18 red pockets, 18 black pockets, and either one or two green pockets, depending on the version of the game, for players to place wagers on the color of the winning number. Roulette’s house edge comes from the green pockets.

Straight bets on any number on the roulette wheel will pay 35 to 1. However, depending on the edition, the odds of winning that wager are 36:1 or 37:1. All bets can have one or two outcomes different from the payment. This highlights the significance of game selection considering the house edge.

European Roulette

Any betting method described in this manual can be very effective in European roulette. It’s also helpful to try other strategies, like the reverse Martingale, and get a feel for the game. This is because the house edge is only 2.70%, thanks to the fact that there is only one green pocket. That’s why it’s one of the top casino games, right up there with blackjack when played correctly.

American Roulette

Despite the more prominent house edge than European roulette, American roulette is often played in American casinos. This is how the game works because there are two green pockets on the American roulette wheel, one for 0 and one for 00. There are 38 total pockets, and the payout on a straight bet remains at 35:1. If you want to use the optimal roulette strategy, you should avoid the American version.

French Roulette

French roulette differs from European roulette by including the “en prison” rule. The bet is not automatically lost if the player wagers on even odds and the winning number is zero. Instead, the chips will stay where they are for the next round.

The “la partage” rule is used in yet another variant of French roulette. When an even-money wager loses to a winning zero, the player receives half of their original wager returned.

The house edge is reduced to 1.35% from the 2% in the European edition thanks to the addition of any of these restrictions. This is true only for the outer bets, yet it’s perfect for a technique to increase winnings when playing roulette. Some of the most excellent New Jersey online casinos have French roulette as a game option.

Live Dealer Roulette

Enjoy the excitement of the game and watch the dealer spin the wheel and throw the ball in real time with live roulette. The betting process occurs entirely in an online interface that looks like any other online roulette. This makes it easy to use a strategy while playing roulette. Bets must be placed within the specified time frames, though.

Some of the most significant real money online casinos use software Evolution Gaming developed, including live dealer roulette. The lobby has numerous mini-wheel variants, and tables are available at all hours. In addition to the regular games, there are unique ones, such as the multiplication-based Lightning Roulette.

The most remarkable advice for live dealer roulette is to play European rather than American roulette and not let the chatter of other players influence your play.

How To Play Roulette And Win

To win roulette quickly, you need to know the right form of the game and the best way to play it for you. The French version is your best bet for the first one, but the European version can also work well and is much more common online and in real-life casinos.

As for the strategy, we suggest trying the Martingale system, the Parlay system (reverse Martingale), and one of the non-progressive strategies, like Double Street Quad. Choose the one you like best and use it when you play casino games. If you want to learn to win at roulette, practice in demo mode or with minimal bets.

Roulette Techniques

These expert roulette tips summarize some of the most critical components of earning more at the table:

Play European/French Roulette – Most online casinos offer European and American game versions. Given the lower house edge, it is advisable to continue with the former. If French roulette with a zero-win rule is available, this is the best option.

Create a Budget – Determine how much money you can spend on the session. From here, you can determine the best roulette bet for each strategy. Check that the budget comprises monies that can be lost and are not needed for other expenses.

Practice for Free – You may use demo credits to play free roulette and practice techniques. This is excellent for familiarizing yourself with the regulations, and you can even see the results over a more extended period, making it one of the best roulette tips available.

Legal Casinos – Regulated internet casinos are now available in several states. These offer safe and secure betting alternatives while ensuring that consumers may withdraw their profits without fear of being defrauded.

Take Perk of Promotions – Access to bonuses and promotions is another perk of playing online. Read the terms and conditions to determine what bargains can be utilized in roulette. The extra dollars can be highly beneficial with a winning roulette technique.

In the dynamic world of casino gaming, the search for effective roulette strategies continues to captivate players’ imaginations in 2024. While no system can eliminate the inherent randomness of the game, several approaches have gained attention for their potential to enhance the overall roulette experience. 

Remember that roulette remains a game of chance; no strategy can guarantee consistent winnings. Instead, the techniques explored in this article offer players a mix of entertainment, risk management, and a deeper understanding of the game.


What is a roulette strategy?

The most excellent roulette strategy requires you to adjust your wager size based on your results. For example, when utilizing the Martingale approach, you must double the wager after a loss and then reset to the initial bet after a win.

What is the best profitable roulette strategy?

While no technique can guarantee a long-term profit when playing roulette, the Martingale betting system is the most profitable. It is simple to use and can yield good results.

What is the most secure roulette strategy?

The Fibonacci betting method is a safer roulette approach than other betting systems. The stake is increased slower here, providing some room for winning streaks to be more rewarding.

What are the most frequently winning roulette numbers?

Every number on the roulette wheel has the same chance of winning. You can, however, play online roulette games that show the numbers with the highest hits during your session. This is ideal for implementing the Andrucci approach on the internet.

Where can I put my roulette approach to the test?

Roulette games are available online and in land-based casinos across the United States. Check out our top list in our guide for the best online casinos where you may utilize a successful roulette technique.

What are the finest roulette-winning strategies?

Play European roulette rather than American roulette, keep to even money bets (red/black), and employ the Martingale betting technique. In addition, any player learning how to beat roulette should gamble responsibly.

What does the Fibonacci roulette technique entail?

It is a progressive betting technique in which the wager size is increased after a loss to match the Fibonacci sequence of numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55). Following a win, return two numbers in the sequence for the stake.