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How to get free skins in rogue company

Rogue Company Codes 2021 – How to Get Rogue Bucks Skin Codes

Hello everyone! It’s time to introduce to you our new tool which provides Rogue Company Codes. This Rogue Company code generator tool can generate free Rogue Bucks codes for everyone. All you need to do is to follow this article till the end and complete the whole process.

How to get Rogue Company free skins?

In order to claim free skins, you need to follow the next instructions and redeem Rogue Company Codes which will help you to get skins.

  • Visit the Rogue Bucks Code generator
  • Choose amount of free Rogue Bucks
  • Verify that you are not a bot
  • Rogue Company redeem codes 2021
  • Insert code and get free skins

So, let’s start.

Click on the button above and you will see this page

rogue bucks code generator

Scroll down and choose the amount of Rogue Bucks you want

free rogue bucks amount

In order to claim Rogue Bucks and get Rogue Company free skins, you need to prove to the server that you are a human. Click on the button you see

rogue company free rogue bucks

Choose any offer and complete it by inserting your name, surname, email, and answers to the easy questions. It’s free.

Once you are done with that, the full code will be revealed and you will be able to get free skins in Rogue Company.

rogue bucks codes

That’s it. Generate the code and use it to get free Rogue Bucks and Rogue Company skins.

About Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a f2p shooter game played in third-person, developed by First Watch Games, and Hi-Rez. The release date was 1.10.2020 and you can play it via Epic Games, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo.

The game has 4 modes. The most popular is Extraction mode, where 2 teams fighting each other. It’s 4 v 4 modes. The teams are separated into the attacking and defending teams. The second popular mode is the Strikeout, very similar to Extraction but in this mode, players can respawn after they get killed. Every team has the same number of respawns. The third mode, called Demolition, is also a 4v4 mode but with planting the bomb. And the last mode is Wingman, it’s based on 2v2.

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