Rainbow Racer Skin Code

The Ultimate Guide to Fortnite’s Rainbow Racer Skin Code In 2023

Hi Fortnite players! Welcome to a new tutorial where I will show you how to get Fortnite Rainbow Racer Skin Code for free. This post is a step-by-step guide.

Don’t be afraid because I won’t ask you to complete some impossible tasks to get it. Soon you will discover how easy it is to get Fortnite Rainbow skin. Just follow this guide carefully and you will be done with getting Fortnite rainbow skin in less than two minutes.

You will get an explanation of each step in this process to help you get through these steps without problems. We believe this is a great chance so hurry up and grab yours.

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How To Get Rainbow Racer Skin For Free?

The whole process of getting Fortnite Rainbow Racer Skin Code 2023 in Fortnite is very simple. We will complete all these steps for you, it’s just up to you to follow everything and most importantly to use our generator. This step is a key thing in this process and without that, you can’t get this skin.

After starting a generator you will get a chance to choose how worth your Fortnite Rainbow skin you want to be. Simply said, you will get to choose the amount of VBucsk. Finally, we will ask you to make a quick human verification check. Both steps are free and safe, so don’t worry.


Code lists with statuses are updated daily. Frequently, the codes that are working at the time of the update get used shortly thereafter. To ensure you receive an unused code, use the generator.

Then you will be redirected to a new page where this Rainbow Racer Skin is waiting for you. If you have some friends who also play Fortnite, please tell them about today’s news.

The new tab you will be redirected to looks like this:

Rainbow Racer Skin Code

Now you have one more thing do to. If you scroll down you will see some cards. You need to choose one of them, the choice is yours. After that, the server will ask you to prove your legitimacy.

This step is crucial because you need to prove that you are a real person. You will probably need to answer some questions about yourself like your name, surname, age, and maybe email. Don’t worry, it’s totally free. This is the only way we can protect our servers from spammers and fraud so please don’t skip it. Without completing it you won’t be able to get skin code.

rainbow fortnite skin

After the verification step, your skin codes will be revealed as you see in the following picture:

fortnite rainbow skin

Perfect. After the tool has generated your new skin code, copy it and enter it into your Epic Games account to receive the Rainbow Racer Skin.


Players usually ask the following questions about this skin:

How do you get free Rainbow Racer Skins?

Getting Rainbow Fortnite skin code is easy using the generator tool we provide in this tutorial. Check it out and get your Rainbow Racer skin code in 2 easy steps.

Is Rainbow Racer a OG skin?

Yes, it is. The original addition of Rainbow Racer to Fortnite occurred in Season 6 of Chapter 2.

Is Fortnite Rainbow Racer rare?

Well, Rainbow Racer is an uncommon Fortnite outfit.

We came to the end of this tutorial. Thank you for following it. I hope you all successfully got the Rainbow Fortnite skin code you were looking for. Think about getting even more, using our free iKONIK Skin