Money Train 2 Slot

Money Train 2

To be short, Money Train 2 slot is Money Train but two times better. Money Train, launched in 2019, brought huge popularity to Relax Gaming. The second version of the game can be seen as an update to the original one, both in terms of the bonuses, visuals and the simplicity of the gameplay. With this Money Train 2 review, we aim to give you a detailed insight into the famous slot that has caught the attention and hearts of thousands of gamblers. Let’s dive right in and get on the gravy train!

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Money Train 2 Game Design

While the theme of the Money Train game remained the same in both versions, the visuals are significantly upgraded in the second one. Not only is the quality of visuals different, but also the characters and figures are more attractive and well-thought. Clearly, the game designers paid utmost attention to details.

The actions take place in the Wild West, which is quite a common theme for online slots. However, here the Wild West comes with a steampunk spice. It can be noticed not only in the characters’ appearances but also in the slot board design. The board lays on a rusty metal piece, the background of which is a tumble-down dessert street.

Some of the symbols are presented as persons, which are strange and mystic enough to possibly be seen around such empty streets. While this is not very common, one of the symbols is a woman with a gun. Overall, the presence of characters adds up a storyline to the slot, which is – most often – not considered to be a story-based game. On top of this all, the sound effects are as incredible as the overall design.

Money Train 2

How to Play the Money Train 2 Game?

The 5×4 slot features 40 flexible paylines out of which you are free to choose the ones you desire. The more paylines you choose, the higher are the winning chances. In parallel, the more paylines you choose, the more money you should bet. Thus, mind your budget. It is also worth reminding that regardless of the online game you play, you should not forget to play responsibly and keep under attention your finances and time.

If you’re a newcomer in the online gaming sphere, here are some steps you’ll need to undergo to play Money Train 2.

  1. Find an online casino that offers Money Train 2. Most of them will have this slot in their game arsenal because it is highly demanded by punters. Pay attention to the trustworthiness of the online casino you are playing at. Though, Relax Gaming, being a reputable company, isn’t likely to cooperate with unsafe online platforms.
  2. Register an account at the online casino of your choice. It is as simple as it sounds. You cannot skip this step if you want to play any online game, including Money Train 2. Just provide your personal details and get a verification of your account. Search for Money Train 2 and start spinning.
  3. Place your bets and start spinning. For this step, you have several options. Firstly, you can choose to deposit money and play slot. Secondly, you can use the casino’s welcome bonuses and play for free as you begin. However, not every online casino will offer this option. And finally, the most reasonable method to start betting with Money Train 2 is to try out the free demo version. This way you can get the feel of the game before you start betting your own money
Money Train 2 slot game

RTP Of The Money Train 2

The RTP (return to player) of the Money Train 2 is around 96%, which is above average. This, however, shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee because each slot game is a chance-based one. Statistics, strategies and skills are less important than luck in the case of slots. You will win big especially if you’re lucky to land bonus symbols and features. Keep up with us, as the bonuses will be discussed as we proceed.

Money Train 2 Symbols and Bonuses

Just like in most of the slots, in this slot as well there are low and high-paying symbols. Low-paying symbols are the diamonds and card suits. The high-paying ones are represented with characters. If you land 5 or more high-paying symbols at a time your winning amounts will vary from 8 to 20x your bet amount, depending on the exact symbol. There’s also a Scatter symbol. If three or more of those land simultaneously, a whole new bonus round is triggered. In this bonus round the multiplier effect is added, which is applied when the player wins money. Lots of other features also appear in this bonus game, which can be studied in the game menu or when playing the demo version.

Money Train 2 Legality

If you’re concerned about the legal aspect of the slot, Money Train 2 is completely safe to play. As any Relax Gaming product, it has undergone a number of tests on reliability and safety. Be sure that this game is legal and won’t cause any complications.

Regardless of the online game you play, you should attentively check two points in regards to legality. First of all, make sure that online gaming is not prohibited in your country. And secondly, choose your online casino wisely. Check its online reputation, trustworthiness and other aspects to make sure you won’t have complications with the cashout.

Money Train 2 Overview

It appears that the gamblers liked this slot more than the original version. There is a wide variety of reasons for that. Starting from the sophisticated design to the attractive bonus systems, every aspect of this game is a pro in itself. The features available in this slot are way better than the ones in its prequel. On top of this, the game is conveniently accessible on any device. Make sure you are connected to the internet and start betting regardless of your device and location. What else is needed?

Final Word

We hope this review helped the players to make a decision regarding the slot. The ball is in your court, or rather, the train is about to hit the rails!


Where can I play the Money Train 2 slot for real money?

In the article, we have set up casinos where you can do it.

Is the Money Train 2 slot safe?

The Money Train 2 is completely safe to play. As with any Relax Gaming product, it has undergone a number of tests on reliability and safety.

Can I play the free version of the Money Train 2 slot?

Of course, you can try the demo version on our website.