How To Play Slots

The Slot ABC: How to Play Slots Online for Real Money?

Slots are a fast, easy, and entertaining way to earn some extra money. Sometimes that extra money can strike to unbelievable amounts, reaching $20 mln and even more. Yes, those are real cases and if you went on to search for “how to play slots and win”, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will tell you all about online real money slot machines, starting from the playing specifics and benefits to some tips and tricks to make your betting experience even better. We will also include tips and tricks on how to play slots and win.

Besides you will find out all about the first slot machine ever, its symbols, advantages, % of winning and how to play slots for beginners. Keep up with us!

Best Casinos To Play Online Slots

Besides providing you with a full guide on how to play slots, we also wanted to recommend you some top casinos where you can enjoy playing the best slots machines.

Here is the list of the best casinos to play slot machines:

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Real-Life Slot Machines: Flashback to The Origins

Despite the fact that online slots are so widespread nowadays, not everybody knows when and how the first real money slot machines functioned. The truth is that slots are as old as time, dating back to 1894s’ San Francisco. Obviously, the contrast between the original slot machines and slot video games is colossal.

The first real money slot machinethe Liberty Bell – was different from the current slots by having a single payline only. This means that the chances to win with old-time slots were way lower than now. On top of that, the design of the first real money slot machines would be eye-catching only for the vintage lovers.

However, if lemons and cherries are what comes to your mind when picturing the vintage slots, let us tell you that it’s not the case. In fact, fruit symbols were introduced to slots only in 1907 and since then became the legendary representation of these games. Even nowadays’ online slots often have the classic fruit symbols.  

A lot has changed throughout the history of slots and the progressive jackpots have evolved as well. The invention of progressive jackpots is, no doubt, the most exciting part of the slot games. With different manufacturers presenting their own slot versions, the jackpot growth types also differ from slot to slot. Still, the progressive jackpots are what bring most wins and payouts from real money slot machines

How To Play Slots Nowdays?

When it comes to gameplay process and rules, not much has changed since the 19th century. The logic behind the gameplay remained the same with spinning reels and landing winning combinations on the paylines. However, with online real money slot machines the winning amounts have gradually increased. One reason for this is the availability of dozens of paylines.

The factor of luck is yet another reason for slots to go viral and become popular right after the first one’s invention. That popularity is still striking and doesn’t seem to decrease in the upcoming years with the global rise of engagement with the iGaming industry.

Thus, before betting on online slots, it is useful to know that real money slot machines are no different in terms of rules and logic.  The next section will be dedicated to the integration of slots in the online world and encroachment into the lives of thousands all around the globe. 

How To Play Slot Machines For Beginners?

For the beginners in the field of online slots, here is a step-by-step guide on how to play real money slot machines online. 

  1. Find an online casino of your liking. For this step you should take into consideration, several actors. The most important one is the trustworthiness and reputation level of the online casino. When choosing where and how to play casino slots, make sure to deal with licensed and famous platforms to decrease money fraud chances. When planning to bet on slots, another aspect you should pay attention to is the availability of a slot selection at the online casino of your choice.
  2. Register an account. This step is mandatory in any online casino if you want to play real money slot machines or any other online games. You will just have to provide personal details and get your account verified. Check out casinos on our list because some of them offer a guide on how to play slot machines and win on their website too.
  3. Deposit money. You can deposit your own money or use the welcome bonuses of the online casino. It’s up to you to decide. 
  4. Choose the online real money slot machine you want to bet on. There is a wide variety of slots. Choose the one you like in terms of the graphics and payouts. Most of the online slots have demo versions which allow you to get the feel of the game before you risk playing on your own money. Try out the demo versions to make a decent choice. 
  5. Choose the paylines you want to bet on. Most of the slots now give the opportunity to choose the paylines for bets. The more paylines you choose, the higher are the winning chances. However, keep in mind that your budget should increase in parallel to the increase of the paylines. 
  6. Start spinning and winning! It’s that simple with online real money slot machines. You just spin and wait to see if winning combinations are formed on your chosen paylines. The more winning chances you land, the bigger is your payout. Also, if the symbols that form the winning combinations are high-paying ones, the payouts, obviously will be higher as well. 

How To Play Casino Slot Machines: Symbols

In this guide on how to play slots and win we must include the key compontent: slots symbols. Slot symbols were already touched upon previously. However, that doesn’t give the full background of the importance of slots in real money slot machines. Those influence the payout amounts because of having different values. The regular symbols are the traditional fruits and card suits, though this can be different for different casinos.

Let’s dive in to see what other symbols are offered in slots and what role those can have in the gameplay process.

how to play slot machines
  • Wild Symbol

Wild symbol is the most popular one and is available in almost any online slot. Its role is simple, yet drastically adds up to your winning chances. If you are lucky enough to see this symbol landing on the reel, then you are likely to have a winning combination formulated. It can substitute any other symbol so that the winning combinations are more likely to appear. 

  • Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbol terms and functions are different in every slot game. However, those are always associated with bonuses. In some slots, the Scatter symbol can open up a bonus round, while in others landing a scatter symbol will give you bonus spins. Anyways, you’re lucky if you see the Scatter symbol during your gameplay. In addition, it is to be said that each game has its own Scatter symbol and there’s not a one traditional symbol to represent the Scatter one in all the slots similarly. 

  • Bonus Symbol

Bonus symbols are similar to the Scatter ones, thus many online slots only have the latter one. Bonus symbol opens up a bonus game round for you, while the Scatter symbol is more inclusive and can just add bonus spins instead of a bonus round. The Wild and Scatter symbols are almost always present in any slot, while the Bonus one is not that popular.

  • Multiplier Symbol

This symbol is not very common in online slots. It only appears in some cases but is a really good friend of punters. As the name suggests, the multiplier symbol multiples your winnings if you land one. That rarely happens, but if you notice the Multiplier symbol, you are a lucky one. 

  • Other Symbols

There are a number of other symbols in real money slot machines both online and offline, but those are not very common. For instance, the Stacked symbol allows regular symbols to take up more space outside of their cell. This way the winning combinations are formed easier and with less symbols. Another symbol is the Sticky one which holds the reel in place for a few spins so that you’ll have to match lesser symbols for winning combinations.

These, and many other symbols are used to entertain the punters, enhance the atmosphere of unexpectedness, and increase the payout odds and amounts.

Pay attention to the symbols in online real money slot machines and learn their functions in demo versions of the games. This way you’ll be sure about the symbol values and more prepared for the gameplay. 

How To Win Playing Slot Machines: Tips and Tricks

So, how to win playing slots? Many punters would argue that slots do not require strategies and tips for winning simply because those are chance-based games. This is true to some extent because if luck is not on your side, no strategy and tip can help you win.

how to play slot machines

That’s why our top suggestion when it comes to playing slots is not to get caught up with them and mind your time and finances. Despite all this, we needed to include some tips and tricks in this how to play slots guide, that can enhance your winning chances, or at least keep you safe from losing money on slots. Stick with us to find out more about how to win playing slot machines:

  • Find slots that have a high RTP percentage. Return to player percentage is encouraged to be 95+% for your winning chances to be high. To put it simply, if you bet 100 INR, you are likely to return 95 INR. RTP percentage simply means that there is a likelihood to return back that exact % of your total bets. 
  • Find slots with many bonuses.  Do your research, play the demo versions and see which slot bonuses are the most beneficial ones for you. You may prefer free spins, multipliers or any other bonus types. Regardless of your favourite bonuses, keep in mind to always opt for slots that do have bonuses, because that’s where your winning chances get big. 
  • This one’s quite a sophisticated tip. Let us tell you by secret that the high-risk slots’ payouts are more rare but bigger in amount. This being said , you should decide if you’re aiming to risk and win big, or not risk that much and win more frequently but smaller amounts. There are two bettor styles. If you’re the first one, then be prepared to also risk losing high amounts of money. And if you match with the second style more, then you may win and lose smaller amounts of money but more often. 
  • Make sure to grab the bonuses. This tip is incredibly important because some online real money slot machines require you to click on the bonus symbols as they appear. If you’re not attentive enough to grab them, you’ll lose your bonus opportunities and thus decrease your winning odds. Always study the symbols beforehand to know when and what you should be clicking on. 
  • Look for free spins. These free spins can come either with the slot, or be provided to you by the online casino. Most of the online casinos will give you no deposit welcome bonuses as you register. Those bonuses can come in different shapes and sizes, such as money on your account or free spins for particular slots. It’s useful to start betting with free spins because you risk nothing when you are just getting started. Free spins are your little helpers, so keep looking for them before choosing your casino and slot game. 
  • Our final tip for increasing your payout odds is to bet just enough to activate all features. We know how this may sound when you’re a beginner in this field. However, keep in mind that jackpots cannot be activated if you keep betting the minimum amount. While it’s risky to bet the maximum amounts, it also increases your chances to win by opening up additional bonus features. 

How To Play Slot Machines And Win: What Not to Do

How to play slots and win? Well, although these are games of luck, slot machines do not require specific strategies to win. Still, there are tips on how to increase the winning odds. If you’re wondering if there are strategies for not losing, the answer is “no, there aren’t”.

how to play slot machines and win

However, there certainly are more tips on how to not lose much on real money slot machines than on how to win. Keep reading to find out our suggestions on how to prevent massive money loss when playing slots or how to win playing slot machines:

  • Don’t try to influence the RNG. It is worthless to try to spin fast, or slow, hit the button twice or try out other tricks to influence the random number generator. That will not happen simply because the algorithms of these games cannot be influenced over. Thus, don’t try to control the situation. It is out of your control and depends on your luck only.
  • The former doesn’t mean that you should be superstitious and depend on your inner feelings. Thoughts like “I have a lucky feeling” are destructive. Don’t justify your game affection with your inner voice or your feelings. Quit playing if you are losing constantly. Don’t hesitate to take breaks and rewire your brain with thoughts that aren’t associated with the game. 
  • Don’t play without limits. Always set up time and financial limits. It is especially useful to set a loss limit and strictly follow it. This way you program yourself that you won’t exceed the allowed amount of losses and will have control over your finances. Playing online games increases your dopamine levels and you can go after that feeling again and again. Make sure to set your limits before the process begins. 
  • Don’t assume that you have a lucky game. Some punters wholeheartedly believe that there’s a lucky game for them. If things don’t work out with one slot, they always return to their “lucky” slot in hope to win. But slots do not work like this. Of course, there are slots with higher payout chances and above-average RTPs. But there are no slots that are luckier than the others. Thus, don’t trust your gut feeling. Instead, choose the slots that you enjoy spinning the most. 
  • Don’t get into the process without knowing the rules. To follow this advice, we highly suggest that you play the demo versions first. If those are not available, use your bonuses and free spins when you are new to the game. While the logic behind the slots is similar, don’t expect to know all the slots by knowing only a few of them. The symbols, gameplay process, bonuses and paylines are always different. Make sure to get acquainted with that particular slot before you bet big amounts of money. 

Why And How To Play Slots?

Slots are considered to be among the most favourite casino games due to a number of reasons. First of all, slots are chance-based games, meaning that if you befriend your luck, then success will be on your side. While you can develop skills, implement strategies and whatnot, you should never forget about the one factor that plays the biggest role in your outcomes – your luck. 

Another reason why punters love slots so much is the simplicity of the games. All you have to do is decide your betting amount, choose the slot and just bet. There are slot variations, especially in the online gaming market, but the logic behind all of those is the same. You simply spin the reel and wait to land multiple same symbols on the paylines. The higher-paying symbols’ winning combinations bring you more success. The simplicity is catchy for beginners because, let’s agree, nobody wants to spend too much time figuring out the gameplay rules. 

Finally, the last factor causing the popularity of slots around the globe is the high payout chances. Regardless of the gambling experience you have or the absence of it, you can win big with slots. The experience with real money slot machines isn’t only entertaining, but also profitable. The most fun part is that your wins do not depend on your skills but on the mere luck factor. 

Carry on reading to learn some insights on how to play real money slot machines both online and offline.  

How To Win Playing Slot Machines: Adventages

The future of slots is even more promising than the spectacular past and present. With the evolution of computers and usage of the internet, real money slot machines gained a new wave of popularity. Microgaming launched the first online casino in the mid 1990s. Online casinos, in cooperation with game developers, presented the first online slot games. Those were not eye-catchy in terms of graphics and animations and lagged behind the current online slots a great deal. 

The online slots gained momentum when a striking percent of the world population started using mobile devices. With the internet being accessible from anywhere, online slots became an integral part of punters’ lives. Another key moment in the history of online slots was the COVID-19 lockdown. Since then the popularity of online real money slot machines increases day by day. Three main reasons for that are the following: incredible designs, accessibility, and huge payouts. 

Technological advancement makes possible the creation of slot designs that are out-of-this-world. With catchy animations and crazy quality, the gameplay is accompanied by to-the-point sound effects that enhance the process even more. This is one reason why people enjoy entertaining their spare time with online slots.

In addition to this, online real money slot machines are a really good way of getting your hands on some extra money which can reach up to thousands of dollars. On top of this, all of this is available in your pocket. Just a click on your mobile device will grant you amazing entertainment with a bonus in form of payouts and wins.

These are all the advantages that online slots have in comparison to real money slot machines. Regular punters are definitely thankful for this massive evolution.


Now that you know all about the slots and their history, the only association with slots won’t be the fruit signs anymore. The decision is after you whether you want to try out online slots, or not. If you plan on playing real money slot machines online, make sure to stick to the tips and tricks to increase your winning odds. Pay attention to the symbols to make the most out of the gameplay. As a cherry on top, let us tell you about the live option of slots for punters who enjoy the real-life experience but cannot visit ground casinos. 

The final word from us to you: do not forget about the responsible gaming policies. Do not get caught up with punting and if you feel like having signs of addiction, make sure to get professional assistance, including by contacting the customer support service of the casino. 


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How to play slot machines and win?

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What are paylines on slot machines?

Paylines are predetermined lines on the slot reels. To win you have to line up winning symbols on “paylines”. These lines can vary from one slot game to another ranging from a few to hundreds or even thousands.