Free Prism II Collection

Free Prism II Collection – How to Get Prism II Collection In Valorant

If you are a passionate player of Valorant, then you must be interested in what we have to tell you. You can easily get Free Prism II Collection in just a few minutes. All you need to do is to stay to the end and follow our instructions. If you haven’t completed your collections, now is time to do that.

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About Prism II Collection

Prism II Bundle

This collection includes:

  • Shorty
  • Sheriff
  • Stinger
  • Bucky
  • Vandal

How To Get Prism II Collection For Free?

With the help of our generator, you will get Free Prism II Collection in Valorant easily in less than five minutes. So, for the first, you need to access our generator. I will explain to you in the next step how to use it. When you access our generator, you will have a few more things to complete but nothing difficult. It will take a few minutes of your time to do all this. Since it is free for everyone, it would be nice if you share this with your friends.

Prism II Collection Code Generator

We came to the first step. The first thing you will see is a button-down. All you need to do is to click on it.

Once you are in, the next thing server will open is like this.

Prism II Collection

Let’s get to the second step. Here you need to choose one of the offered cards, you can choose any that you want. When you complete that, you have left to do one more thing: the verification step. Human Verification means that you need to prove to the server that you are a real person. It will ask you for some personal information like your name, age, surname, email, and things like that. Don’t worry, this is just a simple way to prove that you are not a scammer.

Prism II Collection proof code

After the Human Verification step, your codes will be fully revealed as you can see down in the picture.

Prism II Collection proof code

And finally, we came to the end of this mini-tutorial,