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About Adidas

Adidas (Adidas, styled as Adidas) is a German sportswear manufacturer. Adidas is today the largest German and European manufacturer of sports equipment with factories and stores worldwide. It was created in 1948 from a joint venture between Adolf and Rudolf Dasler. The brand is named after its founder Adolf (Adi) Dasler – Adi-Das.

The trademark of this brand is three parallel lines, which are currently Adidas’s official logo. In 2008, Adidas made € 10.8 billion, while in 2007 it made € 10.3 billion.

Adidas currently equips hundreds of athletes and teams around the world in a variety of sports. It produces athletics, football, tennis, golf, cricket and lacrosse equipment.

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Most popular questions and answers

Does the Adidas code expire?

  • No, it will be yours forever

How many times we can use a generator?

  • Our database is full so you can use it as many times as you want

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