Anime Legends Pack Fortnite Code

Achieve Anime Aesthetics in Battle with Anime Legends Codes 2023

Hey Fortnite players! If you didn’t know yet, but I am sure everybody already knew, Epic Games was launching the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack. The Anime Legends pack is available digitally or as a physical purchase.

And what I want to give you in honor of that is Anime Legends Codes Fortnite For Free!

You will learn through our post how that is possible. Our code generator is the key tool for getting free codes. Follow this tutorial until the end, and be ready to enjoy the pack for free!

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How To Get Anime Legends Fortnite Pack Code?

To get the Fortnite Anime Legends bundle code free, you will need the help of our code generator. The process is made of a few simple steps that I will explain now.

First, you need to enter our generator, which will, due to the server, open on a new page. There you can choose between three value cards; 1000 VBucks, 2500 VBucks, or 5000 VBucks. The choice is yours.

When you pick a specific card, the process will start. But before you get the chance to get the code for free, you will have to do a short survey.

Here you will get a couple of personal questions such as your name, age, email, etc. Also, you don’t need to worry about anything because that step is for our safety. You will get the Anime Legends bundle code free when you finish all the steps as instructed.


Code lists with statuses are updated daily. Frequently, the codes that are working at the time of the update get used shortly thereafter. To ensure you receive an unused code, use the generator.

That page for codes will look like this:

Anime Legends Pack Fortnite Code

By scrolling down, select the value card you want. After that, we proceed to the crucial step: human verification.

Here, you’ll be asked a few personal questions. This step is for our security since we need to ensure you’re a real person, not a scammer. After a short wait, you can get the Fortnite Anime Legends bundle code free.

Anime Legends Pack Codes

Now that you did everything as instructed, your free code 2023 will appear like this:

Anime Legends Pack codes for free

What contains Anime Legends Pack?

Three skins—the Ricochet Rox Outfit, the Ready Penny Outfit, and the Golden Gear Midas Outfit—will be part of the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack.

Anime Legends Pack

Here is the full list of items:

  • The Golden Gear Midas Outfit
  • The Golden Crash Back Bling
  • The 24 Karat Katana Pickaxe
  • The Ricochet Rox Outfit
  • The Whilberry Back Bling
  • The Blazeberry Blade Pickaxe
  • The Ready Penny Outfit
  • The Little Black Bag Back Bling
  • The Glimmering Edge Pickaxe
  • Lil’ Kart Emote


How much will the Anime Legends Pack cost?

It will be possible to purchase the Fortnite Anime Legends Pack in the Item Shop for $19.99. Three Epic outfits are included in the pack, each of which would cost 4,500 V-Bucks if purchased separately. But here, with the help of our generator, you can get all that for free.

What was the release date of Anime Legends Pack?

The physical version was released on 14th October in stores, and a digital version was out on 22nd October.

What is the first anime skin in Fortnite?

Zoe Clash is the first anime skin that came to Fortnite.

How to get free Anime Legends Codes?

You can get Anime Legends free code with our generator. Read the whole article and find out how to do it in only two easy steps!

Is Fortnite Anime Legends generator safe?

The generator is absolutely safe and free for everyone.